Dịch Anh-Việt: Bài số 57

Tet custom: the gift of lucky money

The first three days of the springtime new year are celebrated by everyone, although for many others, the festivities and other forms of celebrations can last an entire week.

Many traditional customs are practiced during this special occasion, like honoring the ancestors’ spirits, visiting close relatives on the first day of the New Year, exchanging New Year’s wishes with relatives, neighbors and friends, and especially the custom of giving lì xì or lucky money to children and elders.

This custom – which is known as mừng tuổi (many happy birthdays return) in the north and lì xì (similar to the Cantonese pronunciation "lai see") in the south - is a way of honoring children and elders in Vietnam during Tet. "Lai see" in Chinese means a thing that brings lots of luck and good fortune to kids. Nowadays, it is also a symbol of good health, success, and happiness.

Despite staying up late on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the arrival of a new year and especially honor traditional rituals dedicated to greeting the ancestors’ spirits coming back to the family for the occasion, the locals wake up early the next morning, put on their best clothes and the entire family, usually multi-generational, gathers in the living room to welcome the New Year.

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