Bài 2: Thì hiện tại đơn (Present simple tense)

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Hi. I ‘m  Sergio from http://www.perfect-english-grammar.com/

Welcome to my present simple tense tutorial

When should we use the present simple tense?

It uses in lots of different situations

First, we use the present simple for facts or things that are always or generally true.

For example, water boils at 100 degrees

Here is another example

It rains a lot in Scotland

Last example, the sky is blue

Second, we use the present simple for situations that are more or less permanent

So we think they will continue for a while

For example

Li lives in New York

John works in a bank

Marie studies architecture

Third, we use the present simple for things we do regularly for are habits or routines

For example, everyday I get up at 7:30

I have a shower and eat breakfast

Then I take the train to work

When we're using the present simple to talk about habits we often use adverb of frequency some examples of this are always, often, usually, sometimes, rarely or never

For example, Angela sometimes goes to the cinema

Keiko often listens to music

We also often use expressions that say how often we do something with the present simple

For example: once a week, twice a month, every day, four times a year, every Tuesday

Li drinks tea every day

I go to the gym three times a week

We also use the present simple after some conjunctions of time when they have future meaning

Some examples of time conjunctions are after, when, as soon as, before and until.

For example, I'll call you when I arrive

We'll buy a new car, as soon as we have enough money

Notice that we do not say as soon as we will have enough money

So, let’s review what we studied

We use the present simple for things that are always or generally true

Permanent situations more or less

Habits and routines things we do regularly.

And finally after when, before, as soon as, and other conjunctions of time with the future meaning

See part 2 for more about the present simple tense 

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