Bài 34: Dạng so sánh hơn nhất của tính từ (The superlative form of adjectives)

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The superlative form for adjectives show the difference among three or more things.

For example, if I  have a watermelon I can say  the watermelon is big.

And with two things, here's a plum. I can say the watermelon is bigger than the plum.

And I’m using the comparative form.

If I have three things: I have a watermelon, a plum, and here's a grape.

The watermelon is biggest or the watermelon is the biggest of the three things

The grape is the smallest. In the superlative, adjectives two syllables or longer use “most”

Adjectives that are two syllables  or longer, form the superlative differently. I take the adjective expensive.

Expensive have three syllables: ex.pen.sive. Its comparative form: more expensive.

If we look at the difference of  two things and look at the difference among three things and we use the word “ expensive” to describe a noun.

Then we say it is the most expensive.

The watermelon costs 5 dollars 99 cents.

The plum was about 40 cents and the grape, well I gets it in a bunch.

Their costs toward three dollars a pound. So this one grape maybe a few pennies in cluster.

So the watermelon is the most expensive of the three things that I purchased.

Rules for the superlative form:

There are three different ways to make the superlative form.

If a word is one syllable in length

Then you add “ est” to the end of the word and use the article “the”, hard becomes the hardest

Two syllables ending in “y” would change the “y” to an “i”: busy becomes the busiest, noisy becomes the noisiest.

And for long words two syllables or more, the difficult : dif. fi. cult is three syllables, use “most”, the most difficult.

If the word is comfortable, comfortable has four syllables and you say the most comfortable.

There are also some irregular adjectives such as : good and bad. To make the superlative from good, use best, the best. And for bad, use worst, the worst

And this is also far becomes the farthest. In this case you have to add the “th”

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