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 This is the VOA Special English Education Report.
The Intel Science (1) Search is the top science (2) for high school students in the United States. The forty finalists were honored in Washington last week. They met with (3) and politicians. President Obama (4) them to the White House.
These (5) students were selected from almost (6) contestants nationwide. They had to present original research to be judged by professional scientists. The students showed their research projects on large (7). The winners were announced March (8).
Wendy Hawkins is executive director of the Intel Foundation. She says the forty finalists (9) excellence across many (10) of science.
WENDY HAWKINS: “These students bring work that is ready for publication and in many (11) has already been (12) in pretty much any branch of science that you can think of: (13), electrical engineering. And the (14) are deep and rich and insightful.”
Selena Li is from Fair Oaks, California. She wanted to find a more effective treatment for (15) cancer. She began her research (16) years ago. A scientist at the University of California, Davis, taught her how to design and do experimental work in the (17).
SELINA LI:"I (18) a new approach to targeting liver cancer by basically starving the liver cancer cells to death, while leaving the normal (19) unaffected. And, to go one step further, I blocked a survival pathway to make the treatment more effective."
Ms. Li placed (20) in the Intel Science Talent Search and was awarded (21) dollars.
Scott Boisvert lives near Phoenix, Arizona. He began using a laboratory at the University of Arizona at the age of (22). Over four years, he (23) a project studying a fungus linked to the (24) in amphibians around the world.
He was trying to find out if different (25) and substances in the water could (26) the fungus. He collected and tested water (27) across Arizona.
SCOTT BOISVERT:"My (28) were able to identify a list of chemicals that were significant in the (29) and in the movement of the fungus."
He placed (30) in the Intel competition and was awarded (31) dollars.
Evan O'Dorney of Danville, California, won the top award of (32) dollars in this year's Intel Science Talent Search. For his mathematical project, he (33) two ways to estimate the square (34) of an integer, a number with no fractional (35).
Wendy Hawkins at the Intel Foundation (36) these young people represent the next (37) of scientists who will help shape America's future.
And that's the VOA Special English Education Report. Visit the all-new (38) version of our website where you can read and listen to Special English programs and watch (39) videos. From your phone or other (40), go to I'm Christopher Cruise.

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The Intel Science Talent Search: là cuộc thi về sáng kiến khoa học trẻ, cuộc thi dựa trên những dự án nghiên cứu khoa học của học sinh trung học tại Hoa Kỳ.
Announce /ə´nauns/ (động từ): công bố

Insightful /´insaitful/ (tính từ): sâu sắc, sáng suốt

Fungus /´fʌηgəs/ (danh từ): Nấm, cái mọc nhanh như nấm, (y học) nốt sùi

Danh từ dạng số nhiều: fungi, funguses

Amphibian /æm´fɪbiən/ (danh từ): (động vật học) lưỡng cư, vừa ở cạn vừa ở nước

Integer /´intidʒə/ (danh từ): (toán học) số nguyên, cái nguyên, trọn vẹn, tổng thể, toàn bộ

Fractional /´frækʃənəl/ (tính từ): (thuộc) phân số

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