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This is the VOA Special English Economics Report.
(1) bankers have to choose their (2) carefully. So they often say little in public -- or little that makes (3). But the United States central bank (4) it is trying to be more clear and timely in communicating its (5).
The latest example: a (6) conference by Chairman Ben Bernanke. Wednesday's event was the (7) of its kind in the ninety-eight-year history of the Federal Reserve.
In his opening comments. Mr. Bernanke explained a decision by the (8) Open Market (9) to leave its main short-term interest rate near (10). The committee had just completed a two-day meeting.
BEN BERNANKE:"The committee continues to anticipate that the economic (11) -- including low rates of (12) utilization, subdued inflation (13) and stable inflation (14) -- are likely to warrant exceptionally low (15) for the federal funds rate for an (16) period."
In other words, the (17) is not growing fast enough to worry about inflation. A reporter (18) what an"extended period"means to the Fed. Mr. Bernanke said it (19)"a couple of meetings probably"but it all (20) on the economy.
The (21) said it is very hard to blame the American public for being impatient with the speed of the (22). But he pointed out that (23) is still high -- 8.8 percent in March. Oil and gasoline (24) are high. And the housing market (25) very weak.
The committee said it will complete purchases of (26) billion dollars in Treasury (27) in June. The Fed launched the bond buying program late last year in an (28) to keep interest rates low and (29) the economy.
Some economists say this (30) round of what is known as quantitative easing, or"QE2,"has not been effective. Mr. Bernanke (31) and pointed to examples like (32) in stock prices.
The Fed has two main goals for its monetary policy: the highest possible employment (33) and stable prices. The bank (34) criticism for intervening either too little to some (35) or too much to others in the financial (36).
The press conference produced no surprises. Yet, as recently as the middle of the (37), the Fed did not even release its (38) or its interest rate (39) to the public.
Today the Fed is trying to reach out to Americans through ways like this video on its website.
BEN BERNANKE:"Hi, I'm Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve System. The Fed, as it's often called, is the central bank of the United States …"
The Fed announced in March that Mr. Bernanke will hold four press briefings a year. The next of three (40) for this year will follow a decision on interest rates in June.
And that’s the VOA Special English Economics Report. I’m Mario Ritter.

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Một số từ mới các bạn cần lưu ý:
Utilization /¸ju:tilai´zeiʃən/ (danh từ): Sự dùng, sự sử dụng; sự tận dụng

Subdued/səb´dju:d/ (tính từ): Dịu; khẽ, nhẹ

bond /bɔnd/ (danh từ):

(tài chính) phiếu nợ, trái phiếu, bông
Federal /'fedərəl/ (tính từ): (thuộc) liên bang

Reserve /ri'zЗ:v/ (danh từ): (số nhiều reserves )

Sự dự trữ; vật dự trữ; sự giữ gìn, bảo vệ
gasoline/gasolin/ (danh từ): Dầu lửa, dầu hoả

(từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) xăng, dầu xăng

quantitative/´kwɔntitətiv/ (tính từ): (thuộc) số lượng

Easing/'i:ziɳ/ (danh từ): Sự làm bớt đau, sự lắng dịu (nghĩa bóng)

monetary/'mʌnitəri/ (tính từ):

(thuộc) tiền tệ
intervening /¸intə´vi:n/ (động từ):

Xen vào, can thiệp
Briefings /´bri:fiη/ (danh từ):

(quân sự) chỉ thị, lời chỉ dẫn (về chiến thuật...)
Sự chỉ dẫn tường tận
Press briefing
Buổi gặp gỡ báo chí, buổi họp báo

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đăng lúc 07:08 - 04/10/2012 3.sad 4.said 5.policy 7.first 8.federal 10.condition 11.restore 12.trend 13.trend 14.expectation 15.level 16.extended 17.economy 18.said 19.suggests 20.depends 21.chairman 22.recovery 23.unemployment 24.prices 25.remain 26.six 27. security 28.effort 29.strengthen 30.second 31.disagreeded 32.aim 33.graces 34.faces 35.credits 37.1919 38.decision 39.targets 40.plans