Bài 17: The Fire Alarm

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Jennifer's (1) were "talking" to her. They were making little (2), like little bubbles bursting. A "bubble" was bursting almost every (3). It was not painful, but annoying. She knew the (4).
While she was cleaning the (5) after her class ended last night, the (6) alarm went off. Instead of leaving the (7) immediately, she walked around to see what the (8) was. The blaring alarm sounded like the busy (1) on a phone, but 1,000 times louder. The school seemed to be (10). Then she walked by one room, and (11) about seven students inside.
Just then the night (12) came by. She told everyone to (13) immediately. The students were packing their hair-care equipment into their (14). The night supervisor waited impatiently. Finally, after almost (15) minutes, all the students and their (16) left the building. They apologized for being so (17).
The (18) never arrived. Instead, a school police officer showed up. He walked around the (19) with the supervisor. It was a (20) alarm. The officer used his key to finally (21) off the alarm.
But it was (22) late for Jennifer. She had listened to the (23) alarm for too long. She should have (24) better. Even as she drove home, her ears felt (25).

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