Bài 19: Carbon Monoxide

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Helen stepped (1) her front door to see what the weather was like. It was (2) and warm. That was nice, because for the past (3) weeks it had been cold and rainy. It had been so (4) that she had had to turn her (5) on. She was lucky, because her heater worked and she could (6) her heating bills.
Some people in Los Angeles were not so (7). Unable to use their home heater, they placed (8) into a barbecue grill and lit it. The heat kept them (9), but the carbon monoxide (10) them.
This happens almost every (11) in Los Angeles. People shut all the (12) tight to keep the cold out, then (13) the charcoal. Soon enough, the (14) in their home is consumed by the open (15). The family suffocates to death.
Everyone knows that (16) detectors are required in Los Angeles. But many people don't (17) about, or don't think they need, (18) monoxide detectors. They're not expensive. A $25 (19) can save a family from death.
People always think that nothing (20) will happen to them; it always happens to "the other guy." So they forget to put (21) batteries into their smoke detectors annually, and they don't bother to (22) carbon monoxide detectors.

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