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This is the VOA Special English Economics Report.
The "Arab (1)" in the Middle East and North Africa has (2) hopes and (3). But can it raise money to (4) in a better future?
How to respond to the Arab uprisings was a major question for world (5) this week at the Group of Eight meeting in France. Earlier in the week, the (6) of the World Bank said international support can speed (7) -- "but only if coupled with real reform."
World Bank President Robert Zoellick offered loans to Egypt and Tunisia. Tunisians and Egyptians led democracy protests that overthrew their (8) early this year.
President Obama discussed American development (9) in his Middle East policy (10) last week at the State Department.
BARACK OBAMA: "The goal must be a (11) in which protectionism gives way to openness, the reins of commerce (12) from the few to the many and the economy generates (13) for the young. America's support for democracy will therefore be based on ensuring financial stability, promoting reform and integrating competitive (14) with each other and the global (15). And we are going to start with Tunisia and Egypt."
The World Bank will offer Egypt (16) dollars in loans over the next two years. The money would be part of a plan with the International Monetary Fund to help control Egypt's budget deficit.
The (17) is to improve the country's credit rating in order to ease the concerns of investors and reduce borrowing (18). About (19) dollars in loans would be linked to progress in (20) reforms.
The World Bank also promised at least (21) dollars for Tunisia.
Twenty years ago, the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development was (22) to help former communist (23) after the fall of the Soviet Union. Now, that bank could invest up to (24) dollars in the Middle East and North Africa.
About (25) people live in those two areas. A majority are under the age of (26). The anger of the many (27) but unemployed young people has been a driving force in the Arab Spring (28).
(29) is the main export for many of the countries. Yet a recent World Bank study (30) that oil has not done much to (31) wages. Income (31) continues to fall behind East Asia and South America.
Over the (33), private investment has been limited largely to the oil (34). But there are some (35) to change that. In March, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised (36) dollars through a government agency (37) as OPIC.
OPIC is the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. It (38) with Americans (39) to invest in (40) in developing countries.
And that's the VOA Special English Economics Report, written by Mario Ritter. I’m Steve Ember.

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đăng lúc 20:54 - 26/01/2013
Minh nghe duoc bai nay, chac mot so cau van sai. Gui ban DTH. Chuc ban hoc tot! 1. Spring 17. goal 33. years 2. raised 18. cuts 34. industry 3. dreams 19. 2 billion 35. efforts 4. invest 20. government 36. 2 billion 5. leaders 21. 1 billion 37. known 6. head 22. created 38. works 7. progress 23. countries 39. businesses 8. presidents 24. 3.5 billion 40. projects. 9. plans 25. 400 million 10.speech 26. 30 11.mug(???) 27. educated 28. movement 13. jobs 29. Oil 14. mug 30. shows 15. fun 31. raise 16. 4.5 billion 32. growth
Do Thu Ha
đăng lúc 08:53 - 09/12/2012

chj duyenbtx oi neu chi nghe dc cac bai 24,22,21 thi up dap an len giup em voi.e moi hoc nghe,khong nghe duoc nhieu lam.

đăng lúc 23:48 - 03/10/2012

1.Spring 2reised 3 dreams 4.invest 5.leaders 6. head 7.progress 8.president 9.plans 10.speech 11.language 23.have 13. jobs 15. time 16. four and a half billions dollas 17. goal 18. cost 19. two 20. government 21. one billion 22. created 23. countries 24. three and a half billions 25. four hundred 26. 30 27. educated 28. movement 29.    30. shows 31. raise 32. growth 33. years 34. industry 35. efforts 36. 2 billions 37. known 38. works 39. bussinesses 40. project