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Now, the VOA Special English program WORDS AND THEIR STORIES.
Different people have different ways of saying (1)– their own special (2). Each week we tell about some (3) American expressions.
The (4) is one of the most simple and (5) things in the world. It is a (6) made of paper or (7). It has given the world many (8) expressions that are not very simple. Some of them are (9) in the United States today.
One is bagman. It (10) a go-between. The go-between (11) to it that money is (12)– often illegally – from one person to another.
Another widely-used expression is to let the (13) out of the bag. It is used when someone (14) something that was (15) to be secret. No one can (16) how the cat got into the bag. But there is an old story about it.
Long ago (17) sold things in large cloth (18). One day a woman asked for a (19). The tradesman held up a cloth bag with something moving inside it. He said it was a live pig. The woman (20) to see it. When the (21) tradesman (22) the bag, out (23) a cat – not a pig. The tradesman’s (24) was out. He was trying to (25) her. And now everybody knew it.
The phrase to be (26) holding the bag is as (27) used as the expression to let the cat out of the bag.
This expression makes the person left holding the bag (28) for an action, often a (29) or misdeed. That person is the one who is (30). The others involved in the act (31).
Where the expression came from is not clear. Some say that General George Washington used it during the American Revolutionary War.
One of Washington’s officers, Royall Taylor, used the expression in a play about Daniel Shay’s rebellion. The play was in (32), after Taylor helped to put down Shay’s rebellion.
Shays led a thousand war veterans in an attack on a federal building in Springfield, Massachusetts. Guns were in the (33). Some of the protesters/ protestors were farmers who had no money to buy seed. Some had been put in (34) for not paying their (35). They were (36) who fought one war against the king of England, and were now prepared to fight against their own government. Most of the rebels were captured. Shays and some of the (37) escaped.
In his play, Taylor describes Shays as disappearing, giving (38) “the bag to hold.”
A bag is useful in many ways. Just be careful not to let the cat out of the bag, or someone may (39) you (40) the bag.

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hoa phuong
đăng lúc 20:54 - 28/10/2012

một số từ khó nghe lém

đăng lúc 03:24 - 28/10/2012

7 point! 26/40, need to practise more!

đăng lúc 22:51 - 03/10/2012

6.container 10.describes

đăng lúc 22:44 - 03/10/2012
21.decided 27.widely 30.punished 31.escaped 33.building 34.prison
đăng lúc 08:32 - 20/09/2012



Linda Nhu
đăng lúc 18:59 - 15/09/2012

1. thanks  2. expression   3. popular   4. bag          5. useful               6. contain                   7.  cloth                8. stranges  9. used  10.  climb  11. see  . 12 . bag   13. cat   14.  tell   15.         16.  explain    17.  tradesman    18.  bag   . 19 . pig   20. asked   21.             22. opened     23.  jumped    24. secret    25. tracked    26. to be let      27. wide     28. responsible      29.  climb    30.    responded     31.           32. 1787      33. bellion   34.     35. debt    . 36,   men      37.     officals        38. others      39.  leave       40. holding

đăng lúc 03:35 - 05/02/2013

6. container 14. tell  21. dishonest 37.officials 27. widely 31.escaped.

tôi nghe như vậy, các bạn xem thử đúng không nhé.

đăng lúc 11:32 - 09/09/2012

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ha thi thom
đăng lúc 19:25 - 21/08/2012

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