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Emily: Welcome home, Dad.

Dad: Oh, Emily. How are you (1) today ?

Emily: Fine.

Dad: Good. And how was (2) school today?

Emily: Really fun.

Dad: Good. And what did you do?

Emily: We made things.

Dad: And what (3) types of things did you make?

Emily: We made books.

Dad: You made books! Okay. And what else?

Emily: We . . . we made paper kangaroos.

Dad: You made paper kangaroos? Okay, and what did you need to make your paper kangaroos? What kind of (4) supplies did you need?

Emily: We used crayoons, papers, glue, and we had to (5) follow directions.

Dad: Oh, Okay. Well good. And what did you do after school?

Emily: We went home, played (6) games .

Dad: And did . . . Mom said you went to the junior high school.

Emily: I (7) rode my bike in the tennis court.

Dad: Did you go by yourself?

Emily: I went with the whole (8) family , and we went with Nathan, Sara, Racheal.

Dad: You went with your (9) cousins .

Emily: And my mom, and Aubrey and Joshua.

Dad: Well, that's great. Well, let's get (10) readyfor dinner.

Emily: Okay.

08:04:11 01-17-2018

Ryan: Hi Felix. Did you watch televisionlast night? 
Felix: I didn't. Why?
Ryan: Well, I just watched something on National Geographic about Life After Death.
Felix: Woah! How interesting. What does it say?
Ryan: Are you being sarcastic?
Felix: Well yeah, maybe because I am afraid to die? Haha!
Ryan: Well anyway, there were experts who talked about life after death. They said that there really is life after death.
Felix: But how do they know that? Do they have proof? Have they experienced it?
Ryan: Well first, they base their beliefs on theoretical statements but then again, who knows right?
Felix: I agree… I guess if they had proof I’d maybe be in awe.
Ryan: Same here. But it was just so interesting listening to their statements.
Felix :I’m sure it was.
Ryan: They were talking about your spirit, soul and stuff but I'm not sure if I believe it or not.
Felix: So how did it end?
Ryan: The show ended with a voice saying that people have different beliefsand only we ourselves can decide if there really is life after death.

08:17:54 08-21-2017

Heather loved the (1) freedom of soaring high above the land and sea. She learned how to hang-glide from her (2) boyfriend . 
Initially, she was scared to (3) death . The first time he took her up, she hung (4) on for dear life. But by the end of that (5) flight , she was hooked. Half a year later, she (6) bought her own hang-glider. 
Almost every weekend, she (7) drove to Torrey Pines and leaped off the cliff. She could soar to La Jolla in (8)less than five minutes. She liked to fly (9) over the town. She would wave at kids pointing and looking (10) up at her, and they would shout and wave back excitedly. 
One day she was (11) returning to the launch site when she noticed a red hawk rapidly (12) approaching her. It briefly disappeared. Then she (13) heard its claws ripping the wing's fabric. It flew off. But the next (14)thing she knew, it was flying straight at her. She turned out of its way, but it (15) dove at her again. She was scared. 
She had to evade its (16) attacks four times before she was able to land safely. Even after she (17) landed , it circled overhead, as if daring her to fly again. What did I do to you, she (18) wondered . 
As she drove home, she found out that she had been (19) lucky . The radio news reported that in Australia, a hang-glider had (20) been attacked by not one, but two, eagles. 
Maybe it was something in the air, Heather thought.

08:35:18 03-25-2017

Spock is a main character in the (1) popular TV show "Star Trek." He is half Vulcan, half human. A Vulcan has no (2) emotions but is extremely smart and logical. Spock joined the all-human crew of the (3) spaceshipEnterprise to explore the universe. Spock's dad, Sarek, is Vulcan. He had wanted Spock to (4) attend the Vulcan Science Academy and then join Sarek's (5) researchfirm. When Spock left his family to join the Enterprise, Sarek refused to (6) talk to him anymore. 
In one episode, representatives from (7) various planets had an emergency meeting. Sarek and Amanda (Spock's human mom) came (8) aboard the Enterprise. Spock said hello to his dad, but Sarek (9) ignored him. 
The (10) next day, Sarek had a critical medical (11)problem . He was losing a lot of blood and needed (12)immediate surgery. Spock was the only one on the Enterprise who (13) also had Vulcan blood. Even though he could die, Spock offered every (14) drop of his blood to save his dad. Dr. "Bones" McCoy operated on Sarek and saved his life. 
The next day, when Sarek was told that his (15) son had saved his life, he didn't say thank you to Spock. Amanda got very (16) angry with her husband. She told him that he should hug Spock and thank (17) him . Sarek refused. He said that his son did the logical (18) thing . 
"You don't thank (19) someone for doing the logical thing," he told his wife. Spock told Amanda that his (20)dad was right, which made her even angrier.

08:24:28 03-25-2017

Tony: Mr. Detective, I would like to hire your services.
Detective: Sure, sir. Please fill out the application and then we can do the processing.
Tony: Will it take that long?
Detective: No, sir. It’s only a couple pages.
Tony: Okay. What do we do after that?
Detective: We can proceed by interviewing you.
Tony: (After several minutes) Detective, I think we can talk now.
Detective: What exactly is the problem, sir?
Tony: I think my wife is cheating on me.
Detective: What makes you say that?
Tony: She’s been coming home late at night for almost a month.
Detective: What else could be the signs of her cheating?
Tony: She’s been really cold towards me. She’s not into me anymore.
Detective: Can I have your address and the address where your wifeworks?
Tony: Sure. I will email you the details tonight. What is your email address?
Detective: Sir, my email is I’ll definitely start tomorrow.
Tony: Please be careful. I don’t want my wife to know we are spying on her.

07:48:32 10-18-2016

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