Viết luận: Chủ đề 31

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Ngày gửi bài: 03:44 - 25/01/2013

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Topic 31: What you hope to achieve in adult life.


I’m a college student.I’m studying Business Administration.I hope that I’m a management .First,I hope that I study English good and I have to study aboard for a time.When I studied abroad,I have to learn and practice to business.After that,I come back in VN and become a staff  for hotel or restaurant,or  any company accept me.Two reason  for me,I have  to learn experience of  business when I’m a real staff.I think, If you want to become  a management,you’ll a staff first.The second reason ,I have a few money for my life,and I can save a few money of business,too.When I feel confident about my knowledge,experience,practical.I’ll open a grocery store or a bakery.The bakery’s name  is allow my name Mother.I’ll find one good  backer’s,and some staff for my bakery.I’m a staff already,so I know how to treating with my staff,and I hope they work hard and,the bakery deliver to customer is the best order.That’s my hope  and I want to share with you!