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Ngày gửi bài: 17:57 - 01/02/2013

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Chemistry is the most important subject in science and technology branch. In Vietnam, every student start learning chemistry at 8th of secondary school. They begin studying with chemical substances and chemical formulas. Things are really necessary for chemical learners. When students learn this subject, they have to study theory and practical lesions. I believe that theories are perfectly essential for every pupils. It provides numerous knowledge to help student understand for definitions, formulas, detail of chemical substances and calculating. For practice, it is so interesting. It helps students know profound problems, when they learn in the class. They will make by themselves. However, Students must be totally careful with chemicals, because they are easy to harm for students. Therefore, Students should practice slow following teaching of tutor. In short, although chemistry is a quite noxious subject, it is very enjoyable branch of learning. It is a such area to bring great successful achievements which contribute to improve worldwide life.