Kết quả: Đề thi trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh-Trình độ B-Đề 003

Đề thi trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh-Trình độ B-Đề 003

1. - What will we do today? - Let's go for a walk, ________?

(A) do you

(B) shall we

(C) do we

(D) don't you

2. Jack ________ me anything about his holiday plans so far.

(A) hasn't told

(B) didn't tell

(C) doesn't tell

(D) don't tell

3. Mr Johnson, candidate for governor, was eulogized for his ________.

(A) honesty and courage

(B) being honest and his loyalty

(C) strength and also what he did

(D) wealth and excitement

4. Ouch! I ________ my thumb!

(A) have cut

(B) am to cut

(C) had cut

(D) had been cut

5. Monkeys belong to the group of animals ________ as primates.

(A) know

(B) knowing

(C) known

(D) to know

6. His English teacher recommends that he ________ a regular degree program.

(A) begin

(B) begins

(C) will begin

(D) is beginning

7. Our plane will arrive ________ Don Muang at noon.

(A) in

(B) at

(C) to

(D) -

8. July 10th is my wedding anniversary. Next month, my husband and I will ________ for twenty years.

(A) merry

(B) have married

(C) be married

(D) have been married

9. My mother got home ________ ago.

(A) a half an hour

(B) an hour's half

(C) half an hour

(D) a half hour

10. The students ________ their classes about eight o'clock.

(A) started

(B) have started

(C) had started

(D) startes

11. I was told that ________ care could have prevented the accident. Is that true?

(A) few

(B) a few

(C) little

(D) a little

12. If I ________ the flu I would have gone with you.

(A) hadn't

(B) hadn't had

(C) didn't have

(D) wouldn't have had

13. After a lot of difficulties, he ________ to open the door.

(A) managed

(B) succeeded

(C) obtained

(D) realized

14. The team really looks good tonight because the coach had them ________ every night this week.

(A) practise

(B) to practise

(C) practised

(D) the practise

15. My brother did not go to school yesterday. Neither ________.

(A) went I

(B) I did

(C) did I

(D) had I gone

16. How long ________ French?

(A) do you study

(B) have you studied

(C) did you studied

(D) you have studied

17. When their mother died, the children were ________ by their Aunt Mary.

(A) brought in

(B) brought round

(C) brought to

(D) brought up

18. Sending ________ "special delivery" costs about fifteen times as much as sending it "regular delivery".

(A) mails

(B) a mail

(C) a piece of mail

(D) pieces of a mail

19. No educational system is perfect. Each one has its ________.

(A) borders

(B) limitations

(C) limits

(D) fence

20. Today's weather isn't as cold as it was yesterday, ________?

(A) wasn't it

(B) was it

(C) isn't it

(D) is it

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sao cứ làm sai hoài..........